Wild Lake (France)

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Wild Lake (France)


2.5 hour drive from Calais

Within a two and half hour drive from Calais in the department L'Oise is wild lake situated, it is a stunning 3.5 ha lake. The region is known for its many carp lakes, which as Abbey lakes and Etang 5, with magnificent carp. Wild lake is a new fishing destination and most of the carp in this lake have never been caught before. Wild lake is not a runswater, but a real challenge for anglers who want to work for catching a virgin carp.

The water has 3 swims and can accommodate up to 5 fishermen at the same time. The swims consist of 2 double swims (swim 1 & 3) and 1 single swim (swim 2).

The water is nice and clear with visibility up to 3 meters. It also contains weed like many waters in this region. The open spaces and corridors where the fish stay and pass through are easy to find, both on sight and with a depth gauge. The use of a (rubber)boat is basically a must on Wild Lake. The depth range varies between 1.00m to 6.00m. Especially the gravel plateaus in the margins are easy to find and often produce fish.

The swims are reasonably easy accessible by car and can be parked behind the bivvy. Swim 3 is accessible through a separate access road and here the car can also practically be parked behind the bivvy.


The use of a boat and bait boat are allowed. A (rubber)boat is recommended and the use of a life jacket is mandatory. Fish may temporarily be held in a retention sling, but must be put back immediately after taking the photos. Up to 3 rods per fisherman. All types of particles are allowed. Fishing with barbed hooks is also allowed. Dogs are allowed. There is no electricity and barbecuing is allowed. Arrival is at 12h00 and departure at 11h00.


The stock on this lake consists of around 120 carp. As far as we know for now the lake has a 50/50 balance on common and mirror carp. The top fish out so far is a common of 19.7 kg and a fully scaled of 19.5 kg, but it may very well be we have to adjust these numbers when more fish have seen the net. Only tench has been caught, no bream, no catfish, no sturgeon.


Wild Lake is a back-to-basic water. A toilet is not present and shower possibility’s are not at the lake itself, but on the nearby campsite one can shower for one euro. In the village of Chevrières, at 2 km, you can go to the Carrefour Market for all daily groceries.


Bivvy camping


49°20'15.7"N 2°41'10.4"E next to Chevrières

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Lake exclusive max 5 anglers pw


Dogs allowed
Boat allowed


"Some amazing fish in this lake! I haven't caught all of them yet, but I'll be back next year for sure! Thanks Carpcrossing! Best regards Simon"