Carpfishing Freedom – Nomad by Fate

Carpfishing Freedom – Nomad by Fate

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woooooo.....2017 what a year you have been...sometimes I hated you...sometimes I just couldn't wait to see you pass by...sometimes I really loved you...but looking at what we experienced along this journey I can only say thank you, this year the amount of time we spent near the water was really huge compared to what it has been the previous year and of course this hopefully meant more and more fish being landed...we're so thankful with all the people who supported our journey by sharing photos, videos and SUBSCRIBING the channel and following us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, it meant a lot so a very huge THANK YOU ALL !! And we keep on doing this, just because of you...! Now ENJOY this film, I hope you like it! feel free to SHARE IT and leave comments!!! PEACE !!


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