Wave Fishing Products test USA

Wave Fishing Products test USA

I was recently contacted by a company called Wave Fishing Products to see if I would be interested in testing some of their bait range here in the USA. They are a newer bait company based out in Europe and as it happens have a number of baits in the range that I am sure will catch some of the most treasured specimen carp.

I agreed to the task of testing the new baits here in my home state of Connecticut. With the plans to fish a multi-day session strategy I opted to pre-bait a location two days before, fairly heavy and then again with a light spread of bait the evening before I was due to fish. After a slow start and some bothersome catfish moving in... the carp finally arrived . I was able to capture some video on one of the days, it covers a look at the bait that was being used and few of the fish. Over all it was 

For any one interested in looking over the baits used and a number of others feel free to follow the link below over to their web-shop: https://carpmax.eu/product-category/wave-fishing

Joel Harber, Carpcrossing Team USA

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