Urban Carp Fishing in the heart of Vienna

Urban carp fishing in a city like Vienna has it’s charme, but it doesn’t come without complications. Early March big yachts and rowingboats are making it hard to keep the lines in.

Line pick ups result in getting your reel emptied of line or just cut off by the engines. And the only thing they will say is “why do you fish there?”. And the answer is because I know hard work pays off in the end, but I’m not going to tell them.

The next problem is the summer when the countless bathers decide to have a swim. In this case I do not only worry about my lines, but also about my markers. The biggest high light of last summer, was this bather that decided to pick up my marker and swim to the shore with it.

Everyday I go out to bait up with the boat to prepare my fishing sessions. I do everything by boat, also landing the fish. Because of the weed thats is growing every where, I would loose the fish without. The carp most of the times gives only one beep on the bite alarm at a take and then its on. They get stuck in the weed and I have to get to them as fast as possible.

My tackle has to endure alot from my fishing and many times my rods broke or my reels just simply gave up. Over the last to years I have been able to catch some amazing carp just below the magical 30 kg. It was far from easy and many times I had to pack up because of the difficulties on the water swimmers, boats and idiots, but I always came back and never gave up on my mission. The thing is the kind of fish in there are so unique and beautiful that fishing the heart of Vienna draws me back in everytime again. It gave me so many good memories and If I would have to start over again, knowing what I know now, I would be on it again.

Tight Lines

Michi Aveiro

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