Tom Daugherty



United States


6 years experience


Carp Crossing Team Member


personal best :46lbs 6oz, Common- 37lb 2oz

favourite venues :I enjoy fishing the Great Lakes along with other wild unexplored lakes and rivers in my.

favourite rigs :I like to keep things simple as it seems to work best here in the US. I use a blow back, or standard hair rig for the majority fishing. I also use chod rigs in certain situations.

favourite baits :K-1 Baits

other interests :

Photography, videography, hunting and anything else associated with the outdoors and nature.

influences :

I am an outdoorsman and my inspirations and influences come from nature. I also try and learn from everyone I meet as I never want to stop learning and trying to improve.

favourite music :

Alternative Rock and Classic Rock

about me :

My name is Thomas Daugherty and I live in the State of Michigan here in the United States. I am an avid outdoorsman. I love fishing, hunting and all of nature. I love living in Michigan as we have so many unexplored lakes and rivers with huge potential. Exploration is what excites me most. I also try to be a good steward of our sport of carp angling. Here in the US not everyone considers carp a sport fish and I do my best to change others attitudes on carp angling.