Thomas Keutmann










personal best :28 kg Mirror

favourite venues :The big lakes in the South of France

favourite rigs :Blowback rig

favourite baits :Catalyst by Spotted Fin

other interests :

Playing Football and spending a lot off time with my Dogs

influences :

My grandfather

favourite music :

ACDC, Metallica

dislikes :

When people talk behind your back.

about me :

My name is Thomas Keutmann aka "Tomsen". I am a mechanic. At the age of 9 years, it was the first time I held a rod from my grand father. Since my grandfather had already caught carp from time to time, I was particularly interested in this fishing. But frankly, I was still too young to fully understand the ways of carp fishing. As years passed by,  I never lost my passion for fishing. When I got to know a friend who is still my friend now everything changed. We were fortunate that there was a trout farm in our village and we spent every free minute there. One day we saw dark, big shadows cruising just on the surface. We wanted to catch the black giants and needed something that floated - of course bread! It took us only seconds before a carp took the presented bait. Our first own carp was caught! On this day at the trout lake, my passion for carp angling was laid for the future - the carp fishing had drawn me into its spell and still I can't let go! Together we are still doing many exciting carp trips.