The Hidden Paradise (France)

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The Hidden Paradise (France)


3 hours and 50 minutes from Calais

Fishing 900 year old lakes in a place of rest and quietness in the heart of this amazing old forest.

At 3 hours and 50 minute drive from Calais and at 5 hours and 40 minutes from Utrecht, you will find The Hidden Paradise (Trois Fontaine) waiting for you.

In the middle of a 900 years old 100.000 ha forest two 900 years old beautiful lakes are hidden from the outside world. As time stood still you will find yourself surrounded by absolute quietness, except for the sounds of the wild life living in the woods. A nature lovers paradise.
The big lake has a 4.5 ha available for fishing. Parts are covered with magnificent big lily beds being a perfect hide out for the carp. The small lake just under 1 ha is surrounded by overhanging trees touching the water.
Jon the owner is at your service day and night. Jon lives at the estate and knows all about the latest news of the lake; you can use his good advice. He knows all about the history of his estate and can tell some beautiful stories about the forrest and all that lives there.

The stock on both lakes is an anglers dream as well. Mostly mirror carp with an average weight of 35 pounds. Top fish that has been caught so far has passed the 50 pounds. There are not many commons to be found but if you catch one prepare yourself for a big and very strong one.

On the dam between the two lakes you will find the club house. The sanitairy facilities are very good and are daily cleaned. The shower is hard to get out of because it just feels that good. In the same building as the shower you will find the toilets and electricity for charging your batteries or anything else that needs power.
In the nearest big village at about 20 minutes drive you can find a super market (Care Four).
All swims at the big lake are spacious and because of the size of the lake and the numbers of swims, there is enough space for every angler.


The small lake is up for rent only as an exclusive with a maximum of 3 anglers.


All swims are equipped with a unhooking mat and a retainer sling and net.

Bivvy camping.

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Main lake


Small lake exclusive max 3 anglers


Main lake exclusive max 7 anglers





"One of the most beautiful places I have ever fished. The forest is breathtaking."