The Balance in Carp Fishing, Work and Family

My fishing is divided up in to sections in my life, being a father to my son Bradly and being a husband, and working for myself running my own business. It can be hectic and very tiring to say the least. But as an angler with the passion running through my veins it’s important I get my timing right. That is where I make sure everything is good for me to go fishing, I make sure works complete or at a stage where I can leave, my family are in good health leaving me in the clear and then with my fishing head on. It’s currently winter, in fact as i write this were about to enter a new year full of optimism and the unknown, but the long nights are hard work but definitely have many rewards if your willing to go for them. I’ve been recently starting my fishing trips in the dark, setting up in the dark and getting my rewards in the dark.

Dale Glover Carpcrossing Powapacs Sonik Xcelbait carp fishing

I'm not entirely sure why the fish seem to be more active at night but they are, so like any like minded individual you adjust to their feeding patterns. So coming in from work having dinner, a shower and heading off to the lake has not been a uncommon sight in my house as of late. Preparation for my self has always begun days before my trip, that could be either getting my kit ready to pre soaking my baits so when I turn up to the lake I can start my fishing like I’ve been there a day or so before. I’ve found pre soaking baits and especially boilies can give you a edge but remember to use lake or rain water rather than a tap water to try and keep it as natural as possible. Fishing on limited time I’ve always found this has worked well for me well in the past.

Dale Glover Carpcrossing Powapacs Sonik Xcelbait carp fishing

At the moment its winter and catching any carp throughout the winter is an achievement thats being big or small, a scaly mirror to a dark common in my eyes they are all worthy captures. So going fishing to catch fish is always on my radar like most of us out there. Depending on the water I’m fishing I need to adjust to its patterns and weather circumstances. Currently the waters I’m fishing can and do respond to many different types of tactics from heavy baiting to small pva bags and singles hookbaits, it really comes down to the session ahead of me. At the moment I’m using more pva bag work, from solid bags to just small mesh bags has been providing good results. You have got to think about it this way? water temperature is now at a low, the fish are moving around slowly and every now and then there is a feeding window of opportunity, and at that point you really want that chance to be your hook bait this making pva bags a perfect choice of the winter months. Bait is simple enough by using pellets with a boilie crumb (A good breakdown bait) with a few added maggots and a balanced hook bait provides enough pulling power when the time is right, and with this you can happily leave them rigs in position in wait.The location of fish can be a difficult one in the winter, with little fish activity from the surface it sort of leaves you in a position of trying a area and seeing if you got it right and I normally find if i’ve had a quiet 24 hours its probably time to move and try somewhere else to try my luck. The amount of times i’ve moved as theres been no action, set up on a new spot and before you know it my alarms are singing has been countless so its really worth bearing in mind that when times are tough or you feel its just not right where you are get a move on.

Dale Glover Carpcrossing Powapacs Sonik Xcelbait carp fishing

With winter fishing over the years i’ve found myself wanting to be more comfortable on the long nights. A good bed chair and warm sleeping bag is always on my top agenda as with all of us if your not comfortable you just don’t really want to be there, and probably got more chance wanting to pack up and going rather than sitting it out. Making sure your well equipped with the right cooking equipment, food and drink and power supply if your needing these things makes a stay on the bank much more enjoyable. Then once I’m comfortable I can work on rigs, short hook lengths to long ones, balancing baits, working on new ideas keeping them ready for the next session or trying my luck with them at that time. I always like to keep a selection of rigs and baits ready for a quick change so I have them to hand and can get straight to work. This probably stems back to my days of when

Dale Glover Carpcrossing Powapacs Sonik Xcelbait carp fishing

I was match fishing having all my rigs ready on my pole winders andfishing to a clock.
Finally I know through the winter months theres going to be more blanks session, but its something that becomes an expectance in my
fishing, and i’ve always said to catch carp or any fish through the winter is a achievement so when you finally have your day in the sunshine you take that experience and desire to your next session. Its so easy to say “I’ll leave it this weekend” if you’ve not got that push to keep you going, or you know your up against other anglers but really if its happening then its happening you just need to go with it. I hope over the next few months I can take you on my journey of my busy life style, my experiences and hopefully my success. So for now I shall catch you all next time.

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