Simon McCabe






24 yrs


Director @, owner @ & Creative Director @ Carp Crossing


personal best :44.12 common

favourite venues :Cavagnac Lake

favourite rigs :Blow back rig

favourite baits :Xcel Baits VNF

other interests :

I love art & design, graffiti, film, photography, snowboarding, Star Wars, airsoft, family & food.

influences :

I've worked in the angling trade for over 10 years now with the likes of Nash, Solar, Sonik and many others. All have been an influence, but i guess my dad would have to wear the crown for introducing me to this amazing world of the unknown.

favourite music :

Old skool hip hop, funk and house. Love a bit of the Foo's too.

dislikes :

Forgetting to pack the right tackle when I go fishing.

about me :

I live in the UK (Essex) and work 24/7 on my business, My team and I work across varied markets including sports, government, international networks and of course, fishing. Nothing I like better than to head off down the lake for a few hours to unwind or get creative (and hopefully catch a chunk or 2). If that wasn't enough, I also own Big Fish Gear, carp clothing co.