Rich Adams






30 Years


FCR Operative - Consultant for Mistral baits, Sonik Sports, Big Fish Gear.


personal best :UK – 40.10lb common, 38.10 mirror (France – 42.12 common – 65.9lb mirror) Holland – 33.3lb mirror

favourite venues :My UK syndicate lake, Moorlands Fishery in France, Carplantis in Holland.

favourite rigs :I like to keep it simple – Fluorocarbon hook-link with a d-rig and critically balanced bottom bait unless the circumstances or tactics I am using warrant a change.

favourite baits :Mistral baits Rosehip Isotonic and Chilli Pepper Boilies.

other interests :

Spending time with my family and many good friends.

influences :

My Dad started taking me fishing at the tender age of five, then I started working in my local tackle shop as a teenager and my love for carp fishing began. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of very good anglers since then who have influenced me along the way.

favourite music :

Reggae all the way!

dislikes :

Negative people

about me :

I have met a lot of great friends from across the globe through carp fishing and I hope those friendships continue to grow. I also want to put as much back into the sport as I can by influencing others using the experience I have gained through 30 years of carp fishing.