Olivier Gandzadi




France- Paris (currently residing in Portland Oregon USA)


I have in the past done match fishing , pole fishing, predator and surf casting. I first tried fishing for carp in the early 80's I caught the fever, and have been Carp fishing for over 30 years.


For about the last 4 years I have been working with the Portland School district , working with special needs children making sure they are getting to and from school.


personal best :I don't weigh my catches , I don't really have a specific weight . I know only that I have caught big fish.

favourite venues :100% big rivers! I have spent most of my time on the Seine in Paris and for the past few years working the Columbia , Snake and Willimatte Rivers. I prefere the spots that are difficult to access that are wild and not easy to fish, what I consider challenging spots.

favourite rigs :To be honest I don't really have a favorite rig, I just go with the feeling.

favourite baits :Boilies meaty or fruty depends on the season.

other interests :

Sports specifically Boxing, Kick Boxing, Mua Thai and basket ball. I also enjoy playing some football (soccer for the americans) with my son.

influences :

Early on the motivation was the old men on the Seine River who shared the passion for carp fishing. In the early 80's there was a fishing magazine called la peche et les poissons with a regular article written by Jo Nivers and Henri Limousin called question carpes. Also angler and author Kevin Maddocks. I have a high respect for the persons who take the Carp fishing industry and go for their dreams.

favourite music :

Hip hop, dance hall , some rock , mostly old school hip hop and soul . I have a vast apprectiation for music , I was in the past working in a record store and a DJ for a long time , mosting working in hip hop and dance hall.

dislikes :

Jealousy, envy and people who take themselves too serious.

about me :

I am a fun person with a short temper. I have a strong mind set and strong morals that I live by . I am open minded to a limit but I can get along with anyone just as long as they dont get out of line or bother me too much. I am someone who gets bored easy so I stay active , I am extreme so when I like something I go all the way, example Carp fishing. I am someone who is outside the box I dont fit in a specific structure or category. The more I advance in carp fishing the more I realize that my style is unique , so is my perception , fishing is a need and therapy for me , which is why I dont mainly focus on the size of the fish, but where I catch them.

Goals in life:
To be the best father I can be to my children, a good example and that they learn to respect people and not be judgemental. I want to be able to leave a trace as a carper, with my differences that I bring to the sport. I dont want to be like everyone I just want to be me.