NC Extra Heavy Multi Rig

Winter is the time of year everything seems to stand still! The nature is as if frozen! Everything looks bleach, barren and death, underwater and above.


The weeds and lily pads have vanished and where it was green until recently all are now brown sheets on the ground! It may give the impression as if time is frozen and even the carp senses it. They spend most of their time in a kind of rigid state and they barely move to feed.


At very low water temperature I mostly feed up just a few small boilies In 10 & 15 mm. This brings the fish to stay longer on the feeding place to eat. At such conditions where the feeding phase is very short I must have full confidence in my rig! Therefore, I use the "NC extra heavy Multi Rig”!


This Rig is very aggressive and in my opinion ideal for winter fishing! I use it for pop ups, snowman and bottom bait presentations. Why I have called this rig "extra heavy"? Because I use a extra heavy coated lead ball on the short hooklink. The extra weight makes sure that everything stays flat on the bottom and the hooking effect is much better! This rig is an absolutely all-rounder!


Try it yourself and hopefully catch your winter carp on my rig .....


Tight lines

Nermin ( Nerm ) Caro


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