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It’s generally common knowledge, if you’re up on your water craft that at certain times of the year, fly hatches can be a very interesting thing to note when you’re looking for carp. Not only is it usually associated with summer and those warm months but it can also point out a hot spot when trying to locate cold water carp.

However hatches can be seen throughout some of the colder months although more often than not, you’ll see them when we get an unusually warm day when temperatures push up so much that it spurs on some underlying water species.

Now although this situation is fairly rare, it can be seen if you look hard enough or if you’re fortunate enough to see it. Look out for those strange freak days or single weeks when temperatures rise and you’ll be surprised what happens.

CC Moore have some great additions in their range including this awesome Dried Insect Meal. It’s an incredibly attractive meal which is full to the brim with shrimp, flies, worms, and lots of other dried insects. It can be used to really boost those method mixes or can be simply added to ground baits of your choice. This particular dry mix is one that I use when I’m fishing in or around hatches or when I’m looking to create a similar situation to that of a hatch.

Insect meal and Liquid foods, give them a go.

The way I use it is in small mesh sticks at this time of year because being quite a light mix and full of lighter ingredients, as it breaks down it tends to throw and spit lots of attractive particles around your hook bait. A liquid that goes so well with this Insect meal is made by Richworth Bait and is called Richamino. It’s a type of liquid food that contains lots of free amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is highly attractive and completely soluble in all water temperatures.

Take a look at the insects in this!

In fact I’ve always found that it appears to become very attractive the colder the water gets. Simply add a small amount of dry mix to a tub followed by a small amount of Richamino whilst ensuring that you mix it in thoroughly.

Add a small amount of Liquid food and mix well.

Also, if you are going to use it in mesh sticks then you need to make sure that you really push the compressor down tight to get all the air out of the mix. This makes sure that the stick sinks or else you’ll have a popped up stick which is not the presentation you’re after (At the time of writing Richamino was available).

Small cork hook baits popped up high is the way to go.

However you can use similar liquids such as a Marine amino compound or salmon extracts to good effect. The best hook bait that I’ve found which works well with this method is a tiny piece of cork and because of the buoyant particles that pop off around the cork.

I like to fish it at least 2 inches popped up. This makes sure that the hook bait sits enticingly hovering in and amongst the other particles that are in the vicinity. Try cutting up a few pieces of cork and glugging them in Richamino as they make excellent hook baits.


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