Jezero Katlov (Czech Republic)

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Jezero Katlov (Czech Republic)

Červené Janovice

935 km from Utrecht

Katlov lake is located approximately one hour drive from Prague, next to a small village Červené Janovice at about 14 km from Kutná Hora.
Kutná Hora it self is worth a visit because of it’s historical monuments. The owner of Katlov is Jakub Vágner.

The origin of this 61 acres big lake goes back to the middle ages. According to the legends, the name of the lake comes from the emperor’s executioner who had a right for fishing in the lake.
Katlov used to be two different lakes: Velký (big) Katlov and Malý (small) Katlov. The two lakes got connected and so a big island was created and the biggest lake in the wide region.
The lake lies 446 meters above sea level and is situated in the deep forest of Kutná Hora.

Katlov lies in a deep forest in the beautiful nature with wild animals like wild boars. It is a very varied lake with large shallow waters, fields of water plants, more than thirty underwater benches, three big islands and 4,5 meters deep water next to the dam.
The average depth of the lake is 2,5 meters (from 1 to 4,5 meters).
In the area of 61 acres there are 800 carps. The lake has a challenge for all type of anglers, with or without guiding.


The many different species of fish are making this lake very special. There are around 800 carps including carps of 25 kg.

Katlov counts 17 swims. 14 swims are built at peninsulas and are covered with stones. To give every fisherman enough space, the spots are spaced 100 meters away from the next spot. The last three spots are situated behind the dam and are classic grassy spots. For every spot there is a boat which can be used by the fishermen and allows them to reach the spots.
The use of the showers, toilets and electricity is free of charge.
At about 20 minutes drive is the nearest supermarket.

There is a possibility to book Katlov in combination with a foodpackage. This foodpackage includes breakfast, lunch and diner and will be delivered at your spot. This package will cost € 170,- per person per week.
It is also possible to book the all-in package. This includes transfer from and to the airport (Prague), the fishing permit, foodpackage, 20 kg corn, 5 kg lake special pellets and the rent of a bivvy and quality material (rods, reels, rodpod, stretcher, sleeping bag, landings net and sling). This deal does not include endtackle and flight tickets to Czech Republic.
Every day you can use the knowledge of the experienced bailiff. He can help you out with all the questions you have.

It is only possible to fish from the own bivvy. Chalets are under construction and can be booked soon as well.

Package deals
For a total price of € 650,- per week there is the possibility to book the total package deal.
This includes:
- Transfer service from and to the airport (Prague);
- Fishing permit;
- Food package of three meals per day, delivered at the swim;
- Rent of quality material: three rods, reels, rodpod, bivvy, stretcher, sleeping bag, sling, landing net, unhook mat;
- 20 kg corn, 5 kg lake special pellets.
This deal does NOT include the flight tickets and endtackle.

For the price of € 170,- per week a foodpackage can be booked as well. This includes three meals per day.

Fishing permit can be purchased from the caretaker at the entrance. The permit can be purchased for one person or it is possible to rent the lake exclusive.
Every angler is allowed to use three rods, each with single rig with one simple barbless hook. The rig must be straight non fixed so when the fish breaks the lead slides out of the line. Feeders at methodmixes are permitted, but must be attached on a straight non fixed rig. The minimal strength of line is 0,30 mm.
If the shock line is used, it must bet he maximum strength of 0,60 mm.
It is mandatory to use pean forceps. The only accepted bait types are boilies, pellets, corn and synthetic baits imitating these baits. As a feeding it is permitted to use boilies, pellets, boiled particles and method mix.
It is permitted to place rig, feed and fight the fish from a boat, marking the fishing spot is allowed, but only by the stick buoy.
Always treat your catch with maximum care. For unhooking always use a wet unhooking mat. Pour the fish by water all the time. All possible wounds must be tent by desinfectant. Treat the fish with maximum care when you return it to the water.
Please leave the own unhooking mat, weighting sack and landing net at home, this will be taken care of by the bailiff at your arrival. This to give the fish the maximum care and to prevent to spread of any possible diseases, which could be threat for our fish.

When taking pictures of the catch, always kneel and hold the fish over the mat or hold the fish standing in the water. Always take the photo’s of your fish immediately after catching it. The photo session may not take longer than 5 minutes. Carps heavier than 15 kg can only be photographed in the water. Waders are for rent at the bailiff as well. Or bring the own wader.

It is prohibited to use braided lines as a shock leader, to use lead lines, to hold fish in a keepnet or sack, to use barbed hooks, to use feeders made of wire, helicopter rig and hard rig.
It is prohibited to feed by non boiled particles, legume, beans, milk products, blood and live baits.
Dogs are allowed, but the bailiff must be informed before arrival.
It is impossible to reach the swims by car, only by boat. The NOE boat can be borrowed to transport the material to the swim.

There are raptor fish in the lake. It is strictly prohibited to catch them by any method.
Do not leave the rods (a maximum of three per angler) in the water while leaving the swim.

Parking is permitted only on the parking lot.
For personal hygiene it is determined to use toilet and the showers. These facilities are open 24 hours a day. In the showers soap, shampoo and tooth paste are available. Please keep the place clean for other users.
It is strictly prohibited to use any kind of soaps, shampoos, etc. in the lake.
The use of large amounts of alcohol or any kind of drug is prohibited in all area of Lake Katlov.
Radio sets or TV’s are permitted, but noise can not exceed your fishing spot. Please respect others, keep your swim clean and when you are leaving, the place should be in the same state as it was before.
It is prohibited to cut trees or bushes in the whole area of the lake. A camp fire is only permitted on determined places (or use a elevated grill, this is for rent at the bailiff).

Breaking any of these rules causes ordering out of the area without refund and this will never give access tot he area in the future anymore.
If the angler has visitors, the bailiff must be informed before the visitor arrives. Parking for the visitors can only be done at the parking lot.

The operator has the right to use any photographs and videorecords made by the visitors. These photo’s and videorecords can be used to promotion of the lake via journal, web pages, etc..

Every visitor is responsible fort heir own stuff. Everyone is obliged to protect their personal belongings from damaging or stealing, this is valid even for the personal belongings stored in parked cars. The operator is not responsible for stolen personal belongings, wounds of persons caused by their own carelessness, by overestimation of their own skills and physical strenght or by breaking any of these rules.

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