Gonzàlez Younes


04 04 1986


France - Toulouse


I have been fishing since I was 10 years old. I practiced several disciplines (Roach fishing, fly fishing To trout fishing) before devoting myself exclusively to carp in 2011, initially for its calm aspect and its compatible with my family. When my first child was born, it became very quickly a big unstoppable virus.


Business manager in interior design and painting


personal best :28 kg mirror from a river

favourite venues :I do not have any favorite places I fish any kind of places, but the more the years go by and the bigger the lakes and big river attracts me

favourite rigs :That’s very complicated for me as I fish all kinds of places. I regularly fit my material from one place to another. I promote simplicity

favourite baits :I prefer boiliesmade from fish meal and belachan paste

other interests :

Video photography, diving and recently detecting metals hoping to find a treasure, I think I’m getting old... (laugh)

influences :

Although I have a lot of respect for the recognized pioneers who did the work especially on a technical level, it is the new generation that surprises me the most and which for me is a good source of motivation such as the members of Carpcrossing for example

favourite music :

The French rap that I practiced in auto production during ten years with my collective "Gaza Hall Starz" but also in solo under the name of scene "Gonza".

But I also like dubstep especially for its dynamics that is compatible with video editing

dislikes :

Excessive individualism, a French proverb says: "Only one goes faster, two go further", chauvinism, current politics, all extremes.

about me :

I am an active person who is bored quickly and who constantly needs renewal to endure in a leisure, work ... .. this is also why fishing with carp suits me perfectly because I have the Possibility to travel to discover nature and to link many other leisure such as video, photography and diving in the bottle

Goals in Life:
The education of my children. Trying to direct them towards the respect and discovery of nature and simple things! Hoping that they love fishing as they grow. Hoping they can share and practice our hobby with me.

 To succeed professionally in order to support my wife and my children the best way possible. Continue to work in our leisure and develop my Audiovisual projects.

And for the spiritual one that is important to me. Being a Muslim, prepare me for the best for my second life and try to leave positive traces of my passage on this low world.