Give them a boilie they can’t refuse

The boilies and hookbaits from Wave Fishing are well known in Eastern Europe but fairly new for the western europe market. The last point is also a big advantage because the carp is not yet familiar with it.

Due to the refined composition of ingredients, the people at Wave Fishing have launched a number of excellent boilies that our scaled friend can certainly appreciate.

Due to its unique taste and nutritional value, the carp will quickly accept this bait, so you will get more fish on the bank.

My personal favorites are the sweet CH1 and the savory 1st place boilies.  I like to use different types of bait when I’m baiting up my spot. I like to combine the CH1 boilie with corn, tiger nuts, hemp and a big dash of CH1 liquid booster.  If I soak my own corn, I also cook CH1 liquid booster with it.

When I choose for a savory bait. I pre-soak my 1st place boilies in the 1st place liquid booster and add a few broken Rabbit boilies for an extra fishy taste.  I fill up the bucket with lots of chili hemp and a small dash of the liquide Tuna additive. In spring time i like to add some rocksalt aswell. This is a killer combination that the carp simply can’t refuse.


The Wave Fishing boilies are sold by www.carpmax.eu and are definitely worth trying.


Raymond van Ommeren

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