Frank Warwick






46 years continual carp fishing


Doggy style……… Oh wrong subject, I'm an angling consultant.


personal best :64.6 mirror and 59.10 common

favourite venues :Lac Du Der, Raduta in the glory days. Bluebell complex in the UK. Parc de la Brenta

favourite rigs :Naked chods, long shanked blow back rigs

favourite baits :My own hand made special hook baits and im loving the Spotted Fin Catalyst bait

other interests :

Motorcycle racing Moto GP Superbikes (I used to race myself now I simply spectate), UFC, boxing and kick boxing & treasure hunting metal detecting

influences :

Rod Hutchinson. Jim Gibbinson, Kevin Maddocks

favourite music :

Santana, U2 chillout Caffe del Mar all sorts to be fair depends on the setting and my mood

dislikes :

Bullies, thieves, liars, two faced people and idiots that leave litter on the banks and country side

about me :

A lot of people have the impression that I am a full time angler and fish all of the time, this is not true, I have a family life and 3 kids and I work I have been working in Norway recently welding and doing big industrial painting jobs, I fish 3 nights every 3 weeks at best and I have perhaps 3 separate weeks fishing abroad a year so some guys do much more angling than I do but I like to have it to look forward to if it was a case I had to fish every day it would ruin it and kill the magic and anticipation.

Its not all about the size of the fish with me, its more about the chase and how I catch them, I love experimenting with rigs and baits and evolving new unorthodox ways of catching carp, I love dispelling urban myths about carp and finding out for myself what they like or don’t like, I find this makes up for my lack of rod hours on the bank because you can sometimes maximise your time if you have something special first.