Fabio Gerratana






Over 25 years


Worker in a pharma factory, photographer, angling journaliste, film maker


personal best :Mirror 69lb/common: 60Lb 7Oz

favourite venues :Untamed waters, low stock gravlepit of Italy, Belgium and france

favourite rigs :Blow out rig, soft hinged rig

favourite baits :Fishmeal boilies, tigernut

other interests :

Photography, filming and video editing, sports, sciences tv programs

influences :

If I must say a person maybe Kevin Nash for his thinking. I try to find motivation inside of me for face new wild challenge. I try to go always face forward.

favourite music :


dislikes :

People that say to be what that are not.

about me :

Hi, my name is Fabio Gerratana and i'm 34 years old. I come from Italy where i work in a chemistry I laboratory.

I’ve always new project that are high. Stubborn for reach the target. I’m very benevolent with the people that deserve it.

I start fshing when I was 8 years old and since them my passion grow and grow.
Carpfishing for me is a life style and i'm always in pursuit of big carp. I love to fish low stock water. I fish often around Europe. I want that always in my strategy everything is 100 % Perfect (rigs, bait, spot). I’m consultant for Pb Products, PVA Hydrospol, Pros staff in Italy for Humminbird and Minn Kota, team member of Carplounge and Carp Diaries. Proud to be member of Carpcrossing team and i work hard for be one Step ahead.
I fish a lot and for that I can test hard every tackle. I like fishing around Europe looking for the big fish.

I write for some magazine around Europe and I hope to share with you my knowledge.

See you soon on the Bank.

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