Etang de Chantereine (France)

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Etang de Chantereine (France)


445 km from Utrecht

At only a 4,5 hour drive from Utrecht you can find Etang de Chantereine in an area full of lakes. A beautiful 18 acres lake in the middle of a forrest and still shops are near by.

The average depth of Etang de Chantereine is around 2 meter with the deepest spot at 7,3 meter. It has a sandly soil with some weed. This is a good lake for even the beginner as the advanced angler. Because of the short trip it is a perfect destination for a (long) weekend away, but also to book for a whole week. Stock Stock unknown entirely but over 300 different carp have been caught with many more still not feeding on our baits. This lake is full of surprises of uncaught carp. Lake record stands at 25kg with 3 fish always over 22,5kg and around 20 known 18kg+ with most be over 20kg and growing quickly. Facilities The ‘back to basic’ anglers will love it at Etang de Chantereine. 10 Anglers maximum, 7 single swims and 3 double swims. Toilets on side but no shower. Shops are nearby at a 5 minute drive maximum. Accommodation Etang de Chantereine does not have an accommodation so you need to bring your own bivvy.





Bait boat allowed
Zodiac allowed
Dogs allowed


"Great place to catch your PB! Defo recommend."

Water map

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