Erik Hurxkens




The Netherlands


12 Years


Carpcrossing Team Member


personal best :23 kg

favourite venues :Large public lakes, rivers & canals

favourite rigs :Fluorocarbon D-rig & chods

favourite baits :Mainline shelf life boilies & particles

other interests :

Photography & filming, adventure, music

influences :

I'm not into being influenced by people. I do have quit a will. I like the adventure and enjoying the outdoor living. Nature is a gift.

favourite music :

Techno, tech-house, singer-songwriter

dislikes :

Negativity, violence, animal cruelty, people who lie, blank sessions

about me :

I’m Erik Hurxkens, 41 years old. I have a girlfriend and we live in a small village next to Amsterdam. I work as a Commercial Manager.
 I am a passionate carp angler and I love to be surrounded by nature. The search for adventure is a big motivation for me to go out there. The huge bodies of public waters in France have made me crazy about carp fishing. Nowadays I also like to stalk for carp on canals and fishing rivers like the Rhône. Besides that I also enjoy some yearly trips to pay-lakes.
Since 1,5 year I live next to a large recreational area, with different types of water pretty much in my backyard. I can see the carp cruising from my bedroom window.

I'm honored to be part of the Carpcrossing family and my motto is: one life, one chance. Make the best of it, cause our time is only short.