Edwin Wouters (Ed-Venture)




The Netherlands


About 40 years


Owner All Carp Products, co-worker for De Vissende Hollander, Angel Urlaub Europa and Angling escapes, Author, Owner of DVH Baits and live enjoyer.


personal best :NL 23kg common, overall 29,4 kg Mirror

favourite venues :So many. Depends on the mood that I am in. Love them small and big, river and closed. When I am on the banckside I am home. Most impressive venue Orellana in Spain. 10.000 acres of cristal clear water with a lot of undiscovered carps up to 34 kilo fir sure.

favourite rigs :Simple short combi rig made of Rigmarole Hydrolink with a sharp size 6 or size 4 hook. A snaggerz on the hook and a snowman presentation 15mm/12mm.

favourite music :

I like all kind of music, but driving onto a lake in another country I put on a cd of Andre Hazes. A Dutch Folk singer and I will sing along all the way. Keeps me awake all drive long. Be glad youre not driving with me because my singing stinks haha.

dislikes :

Other anglers pretending that their way of angling is the only proper way of angling. So many anglers, as many ways of angling. Respect each other and make sure that what you do is as responsible as possible. Its not about the number of runs you have, its about the fish you catch.

about me :

My nick name is Ed-Venture and that has a reason. Where ever I go, whenever I go, my live always is full of adventure. Cars that spontaneous brake down, boats that sink, traffic jams in the middle of nowhere, flat tires, almost missing planes etc. All that can go wrong, it goes wrong. But we keep on smiling and enjoying live. Because better an Ed-venture on the road to a new adventure than staying save at home on the sofa.