Dennis Groen






Carp fishing for 11 years


Mapping Specialist, owner waterdepthmaps


personal best :22,5 Kg

favourite venues :Public lakes and Pay lakes in France

favourite rigs :Public lakes and Pay lakes in France

favourite baits :Particles

other interests :

My family, mapping and driving motorbikes

influences :

My father took me on my first carp fishing trip to do some float fishing, I got my first carp on his own hand build 1,5 lb. rod. I loved the action and drill, since then I have a passion for carp angling.

favourite music :

Reggae, Top 40 music

dislikes :

Negative people

about me :

I’m Dennis Groen, 37 years young, have a girlfriend Irma for 18 years and a son Ryan(9) and we live in Lelystad, the Netherlands. I did a business education and worked in the fashion industry for 14 years.

I have a passion for carp fishing and lake mapping. January 2016 I have started my company waterdieptekaart (Waterdepthmaps)

I like using modern technology in my fishing. I use the RT4 bait boat with Bluetooth GPS and the mapping option. This allows me to make detailed depth maps from different kind of waters. The huge benefit the mapping gives you is especially the knowledge about what’s beneath the surface and reveals it’s secrets. This means you know in advance where the banks are and fish the hot zones.

‘’It’s not about what others do in life and how they live it, It’s about yourself to make the best out of it and live the way you like!!"