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Roy Oostindiën

After 25 years of carp angling I still have the passion for angling! I'm not a target hunter, i'm satisfied with every carp I catch, than I know i'm doing everything wright!

Frank Warwick

A lot of people have the impression that I am a full time angler and fish all of the time, this is not true, I have a family life and 3 kids and I work I have been working in Norway recently welding and doing big industrial painting jobs, I…

Raymond van Ommeren

Hi, my name is Raymond. I’m a dedicated carp angler from the Netherlands. When I was 5 years old, I caught my first carp and at an age of 15 I specialised myself in carp fishing. Carp fishing is the biggest passion I ever had…

Giulia Grego

Being born only 5km far from the big Po river, the water is an essential element for me that I need, and fishing is a way to feel a part of nature.