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Urban Carp Fishing

Urban carp fishing, not your normal days of fishing. As a carp angler we all love peace and quietness on the bank but why is urban fishing getting more and more popular? Here's my story. As a born big city boy I am used to all the noise…

Getting Ready for Spring

As anglers it's one of the times of year we most look forward to, with spring approaching upon us. Daffodils are springing up and snowdrops coming into bloom, can only mean one thing. Carp will be coming out of there hibernation holes with…

Getting Things Started Part I

Getting things started - Part I It’s the end of February now when I’m driving to one of my favorite public venues. Day dreaming about scales and tales. A new carp season is on its way, and with the extreme high temperatures for this time…

How to Catch Carp in Winter

Let's start by remembering that carp metabolism is closely related to water temperature. Which means their temperature will come down and enter a state of torpor. Also their search for food and consequent digestion will slow down, thus…

United States Carp Angler

Here in northeastern part of the United States we have a very distinguishable 4 season. Carp can be caught all year long even in the toughest of winter conditions. There are a few anglers who even target them through the ice. I prefer the…

Karper 115 – Winter Special

Wie droomt er niet van om een mooie karper in de sneeuw te vangen? Gerben Lievers ging de uitdaging aan in Frankrijk en hij werd samen met zijn vismaten, ondanks een heuse sneeuwblizzard, beloond voor het doorzetten. Wanneer je een…

Carp adventure in Pennsylvania

I don’t normally do social fishing too often; Over time I have found myself more often than not fishing alone. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the company of other anglers from time to time.  I guess after a while you just get use to

Out of the Depths

How deep do carp like water when feeding? The answer to this question is hard to answer with any certainty. However, I can give my opinion about this subject.  All carp are different and all waters are different as well, but I would

Preview KARPER 113

De nieuwe karper magazine editie 113 is nu verkrijgbaar. Zoals altijd staat het blad weer vol met belevenissen, tips en tricks op het gebied van Karpervissen. Zowel Nederlandse als buitenlandse avonturen komen weer aan bod. Karper