Carp Heaven (Hungary)

Carp Crossing Holidays

Carp Heaven (Hungary)

Island Lake

1500 km from Utrecht

The lake is more than 40 years old, but the fishing has been started just since 2012. Therefore, many carp could grow big over this 40 year period. However, the owner has put in extra 12.000 pieces of carp. The average size is around 10kg, but there are several carp above 20kg as well up to 29kg.

The water surface is 24 hectare and the coast is 3 km long. Around it you can find 25 swims with a 15 m2 pier at each. Each swim comes with 2 markers, a carp mat, a weigh sling, a weigh stand, barbecue place, wifi, electricity and a boat. At 12 swims are insulated wooden chalets with 4 beds, fridge, microwave, air conditional and heating. The other 13 swims are bivvy swims. The average depth of the lake is 1.5-2 meter and its deepest point is 3.5 meter.

The lake can be found in the northeast side of the country, about 10 km away from Nyíregyháza. Each angler can fish with two rods and it is just catch and release. The yearly Hungarian fishing licence is mandatory, but of course we can help you to get it if you do not have it already!

BASIC package (accommodation in own tent)

333€/person/week/ if 3 people are coming
499€/person/week/ if 2 people are coming

BASIC package (accommodation in chalet)

433€/person/week/ if 3 people are coming
650€/person/week/ if 2 people are coming


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Own tent 3 people per week p.p.



Bait boats allowed