Neverland Lake (Hungary)

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Neverland Lake (Hungary)

Island Lake

1500 km from Utrecht

There are two lakes on the property. The older one is about 50 years old and the younger is around 25 years old. Just the owner and his friends had fished these lakes, so not too many anglers have fished on them. It was not designed for business.

The owner’s aim was to make his own paradise. However, since 2016 it is open for the public and you can book your trip with Carp Crossing. This is a unique opportunity. There are not many private lakes like this in Hungary. There are just limited places as there are just five swims on the two lakes, so quietness and privacy is guaranteed. Neverland Lake has a very unique environment with lots of special trees and even a sandy beach with palm trees and jacuzzi to make carp fishing bit more special.

So far the biggest carp which was caught was 48lb and the average is around 18-20lb. However, this place is totally undiscovered and has not fished by too many professional anglers. There are bigger carp in it, waiting for you to break the lake record. There are grass carp in it above 40lb and in the old lake some massive catfish as well.

This place is ideal for families and for anglers who love to fish in a peaceful, wild and natural environment. There are different sizes of houses at the three swims, for smaller or bigger groups as well.

Big house basic package (Sandy beach, palm trees, Jacuzzi on the beach…)
2100€/week/swim for max 4 anglers, minimum 5 people, above 5 people every extra person has to pay 190€/week, max up to 9 people

Big wooden house basic package
1800€/week/swim for max 4 anglers, above 4 anglers every extra person has to pay 190€/week up to max 6 anglers

Old wooden house basic package
1600€/week/swim up to max 4 anglers

Tent basic package
899€/week/swim for 1-2 anglers, extra people have to pay 190€/week

190€/week/person in the main house for the anglers' guests

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Own tent 2 people per week per swim



Bait boats allowed