Carp Fishing with Ed Skillz – The Diary


Carp fishing with Ed Skillz "The Diary"

What a week it has been. I’m used to high pressure when it comes to deadlines and work, but this week….man it didn’t seem to come to an end. And here it is….Easter weekend. For weeks I had planned to go out fishing with Easter and now it is here, I’m still behind my desk  writing this down. Too much work to go out fishing. I know there are more weeks in this year. But somehow fishing on days like Easter or Christmas makes it feel even more special.  I can’t complain about the hours I have already spent out on the bank this year. Started the year fishing and watched all the fireworks being send to heaven at 00.00 the 1st of January looking out of my bivy. After that I don’t think there has been a weekend I haven’t spend out on the bank. But now it’s time to pay for that and drag myself through the unfinished tasks. Ah well at least I can dream of being out there and maybe I will sneak out later in the weekend for a few hours of stalking.


Last week was a special trip together with Kobus and Davey. For Kobus it was the first session at the lake we went and he managed to bank his first carp in the same trip. It is a very hard water with beautiful hard to catch fish in it. Which makes it even better catching one. The happy face when he gave us a look at the retainersling said it all. This was a break through. He cracked the code. We made a few shots and after the fish had been put back in to the water he explained how he first spotted her just two hours before and managed to net her after a good drill. Small baits persuaded her in to a bite.


After a cup of tea I walk back to my swim and still haven’t made up my mind, which spot to fish. I only baited up so far. But no active fish showed. I decide just to cast them out and see what the outcome will be. Which gives me the time to shoot some footage from the beautiful nature. Climb a few trees and make some shots. I do find fish but they don’t seem to be very interested in swimming around and taking bites. It doesn’t matter how many years of angling you have behind but carp keep amazing you with their behaviour. At the point you think you understand them the one week you can start all over the next.


When I climb the first tree wearing my polarized glasses I spot about six carp relaxing down under me. They chose the overhanging tree to be a safe area. The sneaky bastards just laying they are not doing anything and certainly not aware of the guy with a 200 mm lens hanging above them. They let me observe them close by which is perfect of trying to find the next piece of the puzzle. For weeks I caught good fish from my swim but their behaviour changed and bites had been slow. It seems that they are still in their winter mode. Especially the bigger ones take longer to warm up and start feeding. If the lake would have been less deep it might have been easier for it to warm up. But the depth on this lake holds to much cold water to warm up from a few sunny days. It might be the reason for the slow bites.


No bites follow and as I decide to get some sleep the wind picks up. The night is stormy. Rain and hail bring back memories of last year ‘s cold autumn sessions. I know that after this weather the morning could bring a bite when the storm takes of.  The sound of the wind has some how a relaxing result and I fall a sleep.


The loud sound of a breaking branch of the tree above me wakes me up….or was it the landing of it on top of my solar system?! Anyways…. I’m awake and the break of dawn hasn’t brought the storm to rest. Davey is awake as well and asks me what idiot would go out on the water in his dinghy in a storm like this to land a carp!? Being awake for only 50% it takes me a few minutes to realize that the big smile on his face means he was regarding to himself. Just a few minutes for my rude wake up call, he had driven his dinghy out on the lake to come back a bit later with a beautiful dark toned mirror in the net. “…You lucky bastard!!!” I answer. I grab my camera and walk over to his swim to take a few shots from this truly beautiful mirror. After releasing her it is time to realize that time flies harder then we could have wished for and our short trip has come to an  end.


I had a good time being out there with the guys. And despite the fact I didn’t caught any myself I wouldn’t want to have missed it for the world. Nature is beautiful especially when it shows her power.


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