Carl & Alex Smith


20 and 17




Started filming mountain biking videos when we were 8-12 years old, then took up fishing and never looked back. Filming and fishing are our biggest hobbies and tie together really nicely.


Fishing YouTubers


personal best :Alex 42lb 4oz, Carl 41lb 8oz

favourite venues :The River Wye, Farlows Lake and a couple of hidden away ponds in the first near our house

favourite rigs :Hate tying rigs, so we just use standard hair rigs where possible!

favourite baits :Bread, Corn, Maggots, Maize if we need to bait heavily

other interests :

Filmmaking and photography

influences :

Huge Miles (passion for angling filmmaker) Alan Blair (for his enthusiasm and energy he puts into his fishing)

favourite music :

We’ve been corrupted by the Nash Crew in recent years and if you were to join us on a journey to a lake or river, a bit of liquid DnB would no doubt be flowing through the AUX

dislikes :

Not being able to go fishing because of work. Loosing big carp at the net. Failure in general aint the one.

about me :

We have fished since we were 9 and 13, and in that time have become increasingly passionate about carp fishing in particular. That said, we still fish for other species when presented the opportunity, and like to catch anything that swims! We run a YouTube Channel called ‘Carl and Alex Fishing’ where we share our adventures and stories about all the fishing we are up to!