Brian Daugherty




United States


6 years


CC Team Member


personal best :Mirror- 44lbs 2oz, Common- 41lb

favourite venues :Virgin lakes in my home state and the many other wild lakes/rivers across North America.

favourite rigs :Keeping things simple is key to success in the US. My go to rig would have to be the blowback, although I have grown quite fond of the chod rig in certain situations.

favourite baits :K-1 Baits

other interests :

Photography, videography, hunting, fast cars, and spending time with friends and family.

influences :

My father has definitely been the biggest influence on my angling. Without his guidance throughout the years, I'm confident I would not be half the angler I am today.

favourite music :

Alternative Rock and Country

about me :

My name is Brian Daugherty and I live in the State of Michigan here in the United States. I live for exploring the countless virgin waters all over my home state, and across North America. My friends and I enjoy filming as much of our adventures along the way as we can, and will continue to work at improving our content in years to come. The main goal I’m striving for currently is working to promote carp here in the USA as the incredible creatures we know them to be. Unfortunately most here are misinformed and thus share a different opinion that I hope to one day change.