Bart Loman






6 years


Junior Team Carpcrossing Member | Student at the sport fishing academy Alkmaar


personal best :Common 38 lb | Mirror 37 lb

favourite venues :Big lakes, and small sand pits

favourite rigs :Most of the time a simple short line aligner rig for bottom baits , and for popups a d-rig or a chod.

favourite baits :I use a lot of different baits, all types of boilies. Many types of particles and sometimes maggots, bread or worms.

other interests :

Photography | Film

influences :

Actually no one inspires me, I fish for myself and the pleasure I get from it is for me the ultimate inspiration.

favourite music :

Top 40

dislikes :

Bream, people who didn’t take their garbage with them after fishing.

about me :

I started fishing when I was 5 years old. When I caught my first roaches I was immediately sold. I spent all my time fishing for roach, bream, pike or perch. One day, when I biked along a ditch I saw a big black fish, a carp. The next day I went fishing and within 10 minutes the carp took the worm. I was sure this was what I wanted. Since that day I only went fishing for carp. Carp are always in my head, and I love to be outside in nature.