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Give them a boilie they can’t refuse

The boilies and hookbaits from Wave Fishing are well known in Eastern Europe but fairly new for the western europe market. The last point is also a big advantage because the carp is not yet familiar with it. Due to the refined composition of ingredients, the people at Wave Fishing have launched a number of…
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Urban Carp Fishing

Urban carp fishing, not your normal days of fishing. As a carp angler we all love peace and quietness on the bank but why is urban fishing getting more and more popular? Here's my story. As a born big city boy I am used to all the noise and hectic of a big city, so…
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Sonik works constantly on the development and improvement of carp gear, and they are on top of their game. In this review, we will take a closer look at the quality of the Sonik Tournos series of reels, more specifically the Tournos 8000 model. After several sessions and different scenarios I can say that we…
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Getting Ready for Spring

As anglers it's one of the times of year we most look forward to, with spring approaching upon us. Daffodils are springing up and snowdrops coming into bloom, can only mean one thing. Carp will be coming out of there hibernation holes with the water temperatures rising, day light hours increasing, and the carp will start to look for food…
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Getting Things Started Part I

Getting things started - Part I It’s the end of February now when I’m driving to one of my favorite public venues. Day dreaming about scales and tales. A new carp season is on its way, and with the extreme high temperatures for this time of year a lot of carp anglers are pretty much…
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How to Catch Carp in Winter

Let's start by remembering that carp metabolism is closely related to water temperature. Which means their temperature will come down and enter a state of torpor. Also their search for food and consequent digestion will slow down, thus increasing the hours after which the fish will come back to feed. By debunking an old theory, the carp…
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United States Carp Angler

Here in northeastern part of the United States we have a very distinguishable 4 season. Carp can be caught all year long even in the toughest of winter conditions. There are a few anglers who even target them through the ice. I prefer the open water, where even in the coldest of days you can…
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Carp Fishing in Africa’s Lake of Treasure

Hidden in the Atlas mountains of Morocco you will find a 3000ha lake with hidden treasures for carp anglers. Bin el Ouidane! When you are looking for a great adventure, this is the one! Fishing in Africa. [caption id="attachment_27865" align="alignnone" width="1875"] Bin el Ouidane carp fishing in Morocco, Africa[/caption] This lake was created between 1949…
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Karper 115 – Winter Special

Wie droomt er niet van om een mooie karper in de sneeuw te vangen? Gerben Lievers ging de uitdaging aan in Frankrijk en hij werd samen met zijn vismaten, ondanks een heuse sneeuwblizzard, beloond voor het doorzetten. Wanneer je een zogenaamde ‘winterholding’ hebt gevonden, dan kun je daar de vruchten van plukken, vaak in enkele…
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Carp Fishing Autumn and Winter Bait tip

Fake corn works very well in Winter and Autumn to catch carp. It works even better when you flavour it. The fake corn from the well known UK company Enterprise Tackle are excellent for flavouring and preparing for your Winter game.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3VFsWEeTr8
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Carp adventure in Pennsylvania

I don’t normally do social fishing too often; Over time I have found myself more often than not fishing alone. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the company of other anglers from time to time.  I guess after a while you just get use to focusing on the task at hand, to be honest…
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How to make a good pva stick mix

For making this Spotted Fin pva stick mix I have used: - Catalyst 4 mm pellets - Catalyst active stick & pva bag mix - Ready to use pva friendly Hemp and Tigers - Tiger nut extract - Liquid Krill - Chilli Hemp Oil A mix that carp can’t resist and will absolutely give you…
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Out of the Depths

How deep do carp like water when feeding? The answer to this question is hard to answer with any certainty. However, I can give my opinion about this subject.  All carp are different and all waters are different as well, but I would say that in general carp are more likely to prefer a depth of…
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Preview KARPER 113

De nieuwe karper magazine editie 113 is nu verkrijgbaar. Zoals altijd staat het blad weer vol met belevenissen, tips en tricks op het gebied van Karpervissen. Zowel Nederlandse als buitenlandse avonturen komen weer aan bod. Karper magazine 113 Uitdagende kanalen Ondanks dat het aantal karpervissers de laatste jaren flink is toegenomen, kiezen zij niet vaak…
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Carp Photography at Night part I

Carp Photography at Night part I Camera settings, flashes and LED lamps [caption id="attachment_26929" align="alignnone" width="1800"] Beautiful night shot with an epic background.[/caption] Carp are active day and night. So it is no surprise that a large part of carp angling takes place in darkness. Plenty of techniques and skills help the angler to fish…
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Urban Carp Fishing in the heart of Vienna

Urban carp fishing in a city like Vienna has it’s charme, but it doesn’t come without complications. Early March big yachts and rowingboats are making it hard to keep the lines in. Line pick ups result in getting your reel emptied of line or just cut off by the engines. And the only thing they…
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Vooruitblik Karper Magazine 111

Vervelende, duikende watervogels? Rik Hagedoorn gebruikt ze juist om zijn stekjes ‘aan te jagen’ om de karpers erop attent te maken dat er wat te halen valt. En om voedselnijd uit te lokken, waardoor de vissen minder schuw azen. In combinatie met het vissen met de pen echt dressuurdoorbrekend! Veel meer dan de nieuwste rigs…
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Is Working in the Carp angling scene your Dream?

Ever wanted to be working for one of the biggest companies in the carp angling scene? This is your chance at a your dream job! Cipher EU S.R.O. the holding company for Trakker, Aqua and Cygnet brands is looping to recruit professional territory account/media managers to become part of its European sales & media team,…
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Pimp Dein Futter – Olaf Barz

Gerade im Winter ist es wichtig den richtigen Köder und das richtige Futter einzusetzen. Die Fische fressen verständlicherweise nicht mehr so viel und auch die Zeitfenster der Nahrungsaufnahme werden immer kleiner.  Also müssen wir gerade jetzt tief in die Trickkiste greifen um die Fische zum Fressen zu animieren. Unser Teamangler Olaf Barz verwendet gerne Teig/Trockenfutter um…
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Winter Tactics even in the Coldest of Weather

One thing I never do is put the gear away for the winter, yes it can be the most frustrating thing we do and the weather can ruin plans, frozen over lakes to the flooded rivers that run in to the lakes can put a stop to your plans for sure. But the fire still burns…
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The end of autumn is one of the best times of the year for catching big fish. In public waters, rich of natural food, normally those fish are very hard to catch because they are used to eating the naturals they find in their environment (mussel, crayfish, bloodworm) and therefor our baits are often avoided.

When the temperatures slowly drop down, the natural food is less present and the big fish still need to feed for keep their metabolism high.

Mainly we can split it up in the following situations:

  • A water that we fish all the year that we keep on baiting through the year
  • A new water when we have only some days and try to maximize our results catching big fish

Mussel; the number one natural of carp


In this kind of situations, feeding regularly we can catch some fish, sometimes also big ones, but if we must compete with natural food, the bigger fish are always harder to catch. We must wait often till the end of the season to catch our target.

My favorite rigs when using boilie and pop-up presentations

Using good quality of boilies is a pre. Boilies are the bait to go for. Good taste, high digestibility and with a good food value is what we need to target the big ones.

I was able to catch all the known fish of a wild gravel pit when others blanked for months. At these times quality of bait makes the difference.



Sometimes we can fish waters that are too far from home, which is perfect for a new challenge, but too far out to bait up every time. There is no time too build up a baiting area because you have a limited fishing time. End autumn is generally the season when many anglers will try to catch the big prize.

Personally I’m involved often with this situation targeting big fish in foreign water and only having a few nights to fish each session. Fishing natural water I must face some wary fish because they are not to eager to eat something different to what they eat all year long. At the beginning of these sessions I start fishing the chosen spot using a small quantity of baits.

Big bed of baits could attract many nuisance fish and keep away some of the more shy fish and most of the time the bigger fish. In this situation, my number one bait is tigernuts because the carp love them and they are indestructible by nuisance fish.

Amazing result have been reached using some pva meshed baits like paste or small particles soaked with attractors.

About tackle I don’t change much through the seasons, because I’m targeting big fish often in snaggy water trusted and tested strong tackle is needed my number one friend. Short shank hooks with thick wire size 4 with 35/45 lb hooklink is a must to have.

I like hard water because every catch can be that number one fish of the water and every catch feels like winning the lottery.

Fabio Gerratana