Austin Pass






7 years


Carp Crossing team member


personal best :Mirror 39lb 4oz/Common 38lb 0oz

favourite venues :We are blessed with so many wild lakes and rivers here in North America that it’s hard to choose just a venue or two.

favourite rigs :I like to keep things simple on the rig end most of the time. So, I usually opt for a standard hair rig for most of my fishing. Although the chod rig and blowback rig have a special place in my rig box for when the situation calls for it.

favourite baits :Maize and Tigernuts

other interests :

Nature, Photography, and bowling (Only if I have the time)

influences :

I never really had any influences in the beginning of my angling career. Just my love for fishing. Although the current influences in my angling come from the group of people that I am lucky enough to fish with on a regular basis. We are constantly learning from each other and working together to improve ourselves in all aspects of our angling.

favourite music :

Alternitive Rock

dislikes :

Channel catfish

about me :

My name is Austin Pass and I live in the great state of Michigan. I’m an avid carp angler who loves all aspects about our great sport. Whether it be tournament fishing or personal fishing, I enjoy catching all carp big or small. I have been fishing for all species of fish since I could remember. I became addicted to carp fishing when I caught my first one at the age of 13 and have not looked back since! This passion has not only allowed me to meet some incredible people in my journeys, but I’ve been fortunate enough to fish waters around the United States, Czech Republic, and England! Here in the United States we are very fortunate to have no shortage of vast untapped waters at our doorstep. You could spend a lifetime trying to fish all of the unexplored waters that surround us, and that is just what I plan on doing!