Aubry Michael




Belgium - Antwerp


18 years


Public Servant


personal best :Belgium 30.5kg – France 36.2kg

favourite venues :Lac de Saint-Cassien and other big public lakes

favourite rigs :I prefer a standard line aligner rig or a classic banana pop-up rig

favourite baits :Light devouring bait, that perfectly connects to my way of fishing, where feeding is the most important aspect

other interests :

Media (writing - presentations), literature, football, running

influences :

I started angling at when I was ten years old. At age 14 I took the first steps to carpfishing. A few years later I went to France for the first time. Finaly carpfishing became very important in my life. It is a passion.

favourite music :

Dance music

dislikes :

People who have no respect & injustice

about me :

Carpfishing gives me a permanent quality injection. The last years I’m fishing most of the time in France, were I visit big public lakes. I prefere projectfishing, wich means that I will often return to the same lake and this year after year. I also like to write and talk about my passion in the media. It makes me proud to be part of this international carpcrossing team of famous carpanglers.