Arnaud Castel






14 years, since 2001


Sales representative truck, trailer and car parts


personal best :Common 52lb 9oz

favourite venues :rivers and canals | big public lakes

favourite rigs :I always use a running rig in 99% of the cases. Keep it simple is my motto for rigs without losing eye on quality: sharpness of the hook is the most important for me.

favourite baits :Fish and spice boillies are my favorite, along with small particle mixes if the conditions allow it (no bream or other annoying fish). In the last case I will always try to use the smallest bait possible. In some situations I like to oversize bait to give a totally different presentation than the carp are used to see. I’ve fished with boillies up to 40mm and was very successful with it on some venues.

other interests :

Photography | cars

influences :

Carp anglers as Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Nash, Leon Hoogendijk, Luc Debaets, Alijn Danau,… influenced me through books and magazines to start carp angling. I’ve learned a lot from their publications.

favourite music :

Different kinds of house (retro, deep, minimal, tech, progressive) , 80’s, soul, rock,… I have a wide range of music I like

dislikes :

Fake people and passive people. People who don’t keep their word.

about me :

I am a sociable person who likes to know other people and anglers. Helping one another is important in our hobby. Therefore it is rare that I angle alone. I like to share my passion with friends and share those awesome moments on the bank! I am also active in the Belgian Carp Society VBK in order to bring our hobby to the next level and bring that passion that is so important!

Goals in Life: Just not having to care on financial stuff and being happy, having a nice home together with my girlfriend and most of all…fishing as long as I can. I will hate the day that I can’t go fishing because of old age.