AliExpress Carp End Tackle Top 10

Buying all the carp tackle you need for less?

Do you know you can order carp tackle online straight from China? And did you know that most of all the carp tackle in the tackle shops is manufactured by the same companies that sell their carp tackle products on AliExpress. The only big difference is that they don’t come in a fancy packaging with a brand name on it. The biggest advantage of it is that it will save you lots of money. They even send your order without charging shipment cost. You only pay the price for the article you want and you are done.

It can take a little longer for your order to arrive, but who cares if you have paid way less than what the big companies charge you for the same tackle? It normally takes 1 to 4 weeks to receive your order.

We have picked a top ten of the best-priced Aliexpress Carp end tackle for you. Take a look at these items and see how much it will save you! Here we go......

1# 10 pc Baitscrew € 0,80 free shipment 

2# 200 Boilie Stops € 0,84  free shipment

3# 20 Anti Tangle Sleeves € 0,99  free shipment

4# 25 pcs Quick Change Swivel €1,03  free shipment

5# 20 pcs Shrink Tube €1,07  free shipment

6# 30 pcs Line Aligner €1,17  free shipment

7# Bait Scoop €1,19  free shipment

8# 20 pcs Heavy Duty Leadclip €1,21  free shipment

9# 20 pcs Safety Lead Clips + Tail Rubber €1,31  free shipment

10# Bait Rocket €3,42  free shipment


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