Alex Norgate








favourite venues :Wild lakes and rivers.

other interests :

Film making, photography, beat-boxing, DJ-ing, lyricism, music production/composition, plant medicine, literature, writing, alternative living, ecology, travel and nature.

influences :

Chris Yates, Peter Tosh, Terence McKenna, Stephen Buhner, H.T. Sherringham

favourite music :

Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afro, Latin, aspects of Folk and anything with groove.

dislikes :

There are certainly a few but I am leaning to accept the nature of humanity.

about me :

Anyone who truly understands the passion for angling knows, only true happiness exists by the waterside. All other time is spent either thinking or dreaming about it. Many may see this as excessive or even obsessive, but it goes much deeper than that. It’s about catching fish obviously, but asides from that very important part, its about being outside immersed in nature truly appreciating it.

These words sum up Alex Norgate’s approach to angling. For him as much as it is about catching fish, it is opportunity to register the mood of the season, the smell of the air and to bask in the unbridled magnificence of nature. In March 2014 Alex decided to follow his dream, to travel the globe in search of carp and the beautiful places in which they inhabit, living in a converted luton van which he specifically built for his new life. Alex spends his days composing music, taking photos, filmmaking and fishing. Inspired by writers such as Terence Mckenna, Chris Yates, and H.T. Sherringham, he takes a keen interest in writing which can be found in various publications such as Carpology and Monkey Climber magazine, not to mention his blog ‘Carp Watercraft’.