Early Spring Carping in Amsterdam




Casper van Amsterdam, team member Watersense baits & tackle, Urban carp fishing fanatic. Living and angling in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides urban carp angling Casper has a passion for photography and making videos. You can find more of his work on his instagram page.



It must have been somewhere in late February,when I was enjoying my well-deserved holiday in Tenerife with my family. A day before departure, Corona was discovered in the hotel next door.That was quite a shock and very close. Many questions but fewer answers at that time.

Back in the cold Netherlands I picked up my winter fishing again. In this period I like to fish in one of the many park lakes that our beautiful city of Amsterdam has to offer.With two rods and a backpack searching for some interesting winter holdings is really my thing.

The tranquility on the waterfront is wonderful and holds me in its grip more many years already. I take the cold wet weather for granted. Knowing that I’m out to catch a park lake beauty. A fluo popup in combination with some boillie crumb and chodrig is the key to success for in this time of year. Besides that, even more important is the location of choice. Early mornings with a rising sun on the obstacles under water is the ideal combination. Carp love sun. That one meter can make the difference between success or blanking, so keep searching and trying. If you are in the right place, it can go quickly with several bites in a row or even a dubbelrun in just a couple of hours fishing.

Some beautiful winter carp richer the Corona virus also hits Holland. Fishing wasn’t important for a while…So I lie low for a while.

Not far after, Spring was approaching, nature came slowly alive again.This is the moment for us carp anglers to go out there, making new plans, observe possible spots and to start carefully baiting up some spots.


I had already made my plans for Spring but unfortunately those plans had to be changed. We as Dutch people still had the opportunity to go outside under strict rules. And as we know this ferocious virus can only be defeated if everyone follows the rules! After a few weeks in uncertainty I had planned for my first night out. Playing hide and seek was no problem for me and the first night was there.

On to the waterfront! I chose a shallow stretch on the Amsterdam Amstel river. At night temperatures were still around -5, so it was still very cold. After a night with frost, I was allowed to bring in a tench and the frozen decor I was surrounded by made up for it.

The weather reports for the following week were a lot better, the temperature went up due to a lot of sun. Which ment the carp would become more active. I hoped that the fish would gather in the shallow part of the river. With the sun on top, underwater life started to get going again. Small food particles were spread between the emerging lily beds and confidence was there. At night I caught a bream, which wasn’t part of the plan. Quickly the rig was placed back in again.

In the morning dew the canal revealed one of its beauties and I was allowed to pose with a beautiful linear. My plan had worked and I was over the moon with this stunning fish from the Amstel river.

I hope the whole Covid-19 misery will soon be over and everyone can enjoy nature again. And life will go back to normal.

Stay save!


Casper van Amsterdam