Urban Carp Fishing in Osaka City




Yoshihiro Mune, team member of Carpcrossing, Urban carp fishing fanatic. Living and angling in Osaka City, Japan. Besides urban carp angling Yoshihiro loves to do photography and especially nightshots. You can find more of his work on his instagram page.




Urban Carp Fishing in Osaka City

I live in Osaka city, Japan. There are several rivers in Osaka city. Because of the many rivers flowing through the city, Osaka is also named “the city of water” or “city of desire”. The rivers of Osaka are the Yodo river, Okawa, Dojima river, Tosabori river, Aji river, Kanzaki river, Yamato River, etc. These rivers are inhabited by a variety of fish, including big and small carp. All of them are tidal rivers facing Osaka Bay.

I particularly like the Okawa, Dojima and Tosabori rivers. There are many fat carp due to eutrophic water quality and abundant natural food sources. And another good reason is that these spots are close to my home. I love urban carp fishing in these by office building surrounded riverbanks. Which creates a very exciting scene to be fishing in.

In tidal rivers, the ebb and flow of the tide greatly effects the ecology of the carp. The most important thing about carp fishing at Tidal River is to get a good grasp of the tide chart for the day. Tidal Rivers produce irregular water flow due to the effect of lunar gravity. The water level changes about every 6 to 12 hours. In the case of Osaka Bay, the tidal range is about 50cm to 150cm. I predict the strength of the flow generated by the tide. Especially the spring tide flows very fast, so I will only aim for the 2 hours before the low tide. This plan is the basic plan for this river. When the flow is very fast, the possibility of carp is low because the position of the rig is difficult to secure. Also, when the tide is rising, the salty water fills the river bottom, making carp harder to catch, especially in deep area. The situation on the day may be slightly different from the tide data, in which case you will have to respond flexible.

All urban rivers are completely renovated, most of them have vertical walls. Carp often moves along the vertical wall near the shore. So of course, it’s best to present rig and baits near the shore wall. The temperature of the water is as high as 8-10 degrees even in winter due to the influence of seawater and hot drainage from the factory, so I can enjoy carp fishing even in the middle of winter. In midsummer, the water temperature and salt level increases, making it unsuitable for carp fishing.

In tidal rivers, freshwater and seawater greatly affect the carp ecology. Especially when the water depth is about 4m or more, it is not suitable for carp fishing because the salt is too thick. I’m checking the strength of the flow on the curve of the river. And I need to know the bottom structure and water depth. Basically, the inside of the curve has a gentle flow and shallow water depth. I often choose for this spot. The flow speed of the current differs from high tide to low tide. And I need to understand the characteristics of the few river curves. In my experience, the ebb tide from high tide to low tide, especially shortly before low tide, is the biggest chance to catch a carp. So, in this river I often fish for just 3 to 6 hours. And I use simple and compact tackle. In that case, prebaiting a few days before is very effective. However, in this case, it is also important to prebait at the same timing before the low tide.

My prebaiting consist of crushed boilies, pellets, and easy digestible cooked white rice. In the season when the water temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the activity of fish is low, so you need to pay attention to the amount of prebaiting. In particular, baits that are easy to digest are desirable. It’s immersed in water for a few hours to give it more weight so it will withstand the flow. My first goal is catching one carp first and getting various hints from that fish to catch the next one.

As for hook baits, basically what I like is fine, but this winter I was able to get overwhelming carp results with The Source and Complex-T each wafters. On the day of fishing, I only need to prepare a small number of boilies and a small amount of ground baits. I love the simple and basic hair rig that uses Japanese wide gape hook # 5. In March of this year, my friend Daisuke caught a 23.0 kg big urban common with the same tactics.

This river located in the centre of the Osaka city, it’s noisy because of all the pleasure boats during weekend holidays and it’s uncomfortable for fishing. So, I often go for the night game. The streetlight by night make urban fishing even more attractive. I am a carp angler and not a photographer. But I was very happy to take a picture which captured the vibe of the night fishing in Osaka the way I see it. I’m always looking for a background which makes the picture stand out. I will continue to capture exciting scenes, in my future adventure to share with you all.

Tight lines,

Yoshihiro Mune