I Love Fishing




Sophie Williams, also known as Sophie the carp catching kid, 8 years old, English, kids team member of Carpcrossing. Fishing since the age of 4. Besides fishing she loves to do Muay Thai and boxing. She is dreaming of having a career in fishing one day.

Father and daughter sharing the same passion for angling. It’s the best thing in the world having kids. It’s even more special when you can share your passion with your children and in this case the passion for angling. Read the story of David and his daughter Sophie.

I love Fishing

I’m Sophie Williams also known as Sophie the carp catching kid, I’m 8 years old and attend Woolenwick juniors school in England. I started fishing when I was 4 my dad would take me to a local estate lake close to where I live, the first fish I ever caught was a common carp which weighed around 3lb I also caught a few different species (roach and perch) I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to go again, not knowing what I’m going to catch is always very exciting.

I love catching river carp as they are beautiful looking fishing and its always an adventure when we go river fishing. I also really like fishing for barbel as they are different to fishing for carp and are harder fighting fish, I’m happy to catch all species of fish.

I would love to have a career in fishing as it’s something I love to do, to share my passion for fishing with other people would be amazing. To teach people about fishing and how to look after them catching and releasing, which I always do and respecting the environment that the fish live in, it’s very important to me that I look after the fish I catch and always make sure we tidy up after ourselves as harm could come to the fish and other animals if rubbish is left around lakes and rivers which is not fair as its their home.

When I was 7 years old, I was lucky enough to win angling directs princess of the catch and the prize was a trip of a lifetime to Thailand, it was amazing and I caught some amazing species of fish including Siamese carp, Julian’s carp and red tail catfish. My favourite catch from my time there would have to be the 135lb Siamese carp I caught on my 3rd day fishing, with some help from my dad I managed to reel it in (which was tough) it’s a fight and a fish I will never forget.

I go fishing almost every weekend I love being outdoors on fishing adventures I will continue to add personal bests and new species to my list.

I have friends that have joined me and my dad on fishing adventures and have enjoyed learning about fish and catching them, I also have friends that want to come in the future. My friends and family are always interested in where I’ve been and what I’ve caught, it’s just as exciting telling people about my catches as it is catching them.


“We asked David Williams, Sophies dad, how it all started”

I started teaching Sophie when she was just 4 years old. I just took her on short sessions fishing on a float rod for small fish just a few hours here and there to our local estate lake. I made it as fun as possible for her taking a picnic and when she got bored, we went home. She loved fishing in the sun and also playing around the lake finding bugs and other small Creatures just being a kid and enjoying being outside with her dad. As time went on she started catching small carp on a float and her fishing skills were getting better every time we went.

I never pushed it on her just made it fun and only went from time to time. I got her baiting up and making up ground bait to throw in the lake she loves getting her hands in a right mess, but you could see she loved it. One day I showed her how to warm up a maggot and put one on your tongue she thought this was amazing next thing I know she had a mouth full of maggots lol. Sophie was very easy to teach because she is very well behaved always listens and always wants to learn. Always asking questions about how we catch different fish and why different fish eat different food. Like I say I only took her from time to time didn’t think it would ever come to her loving it so much and becoming a good angler.

I have been teaching her to fish and respect all types of fishing not just carp just like I was taught by my grandad when I was a kid just like Sophie. I remember coming home once from work and Sophie said dad, we haven’t been fishing for a few weeks I think we should go to the estate lake and fish for carp as I want to catch a big one like you do. That’s when we knew she really liked fishing and wanted to go more and more. So we did and she got better and better every week. One thing I will note is soon as she wanted to fish more I got her swimming lessons because Sophie has no fear nothing seems to scare her and if my back was turned and she fell in she would be able to swim to the bank and get out you always need eyes in the back of your head when kids are on the bank.

As she got better I taught her how to cast 8ft carp rods we spent a lot of time practising in the garden casting at buckets and taking her to a park lake to cast her rods so she can do more herself and I not have to help her as much she can cast 65 yards now at only 8 not bad going. I feel the more she does the better it is making her become.


Sophie is very good at school as well she’s doing so well her teachers tell us she’s a joy to teach and love her being in their class, her reading and writing is very good to. Her schooling is most important and comes before anything else.

Sophie is also a Muay Thai fighter with 14 interclub fights to her name she’s been doing that since she was 4 also. A year ago, she started learning how to box and is now becoming a boxer as well so not only is she a nice beautiful friendly little girl she’s also as tough as they come and can stand and fight at a good level. Soon as she’s 10 she will get her boxing license and start having fights.

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Sophie and David Williams