Projectfishing at public lakes – Part II

Stage I – 2015 – May 20th to June 2nd

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As said earlier I’m in an advanced phase as to my target lake. It should enable me to track the fishes’ movement quite rapidly. The chosen feeding sites are well thought out and selected on the hand of a meticulously ordered pattern in order to entice your intended prey to return to the same spots over and over. It is my perception that carps are able to perceive bait at all time. The choice of kind of bait is a tactical matter. I prefer using light consuming boilies from the range of Carp Baits Belgium.

The fast processing of this food inducing them to come back for more of the same. The lakes I fish are not typical classic lakes were you can expect lots of runs. I seek out areas were the bigger fish might be of can be expected. With the gained experience after years of observation and constant re-evaluation you get to know in which zones the larger carps tend to reside. On big pits the fishes are inclined to move around.


Nevertheless you’ll find in every water some resident carps always present in the same sector. The really awesome big ones usually lead a solitary life, but there are exceptions. It matters to keep these big ones as long as possible within the boundaries of the bait zone. Therefore under some circumstances I proceed to mass- baiting. On arriving I divide the bait at hand by the number of days of my stay. Most of the time this comes on a quantity of thirty pounds a day. This gives possibility to bait up three times ten pounds a day. The first day at night I use a full day capacity to start up the site.


Harvesting in the flowering month

In the first session of the year we aim to hook several fish from day one. I seek out a zone where I perceive fish moving around and to the contrary of my usual habit I immediately came in to action. Usually I wait two to three days before setting up my rods, but now it seems more appropriate to start without delay. This deliberate option was the right way, after two days I already caught six beauties. That these first catches are exclusively male is striking but nog illogical. At this time of year the sexes are grouping. At that moment it is time to assess the situation. Is there a spawning area nearby or can it be possible that the fish may leave your selected zone?

In this instance I believe that a school of male fish assembled in the vicinity of the spawning grounds to my right. Therefore my hope is that some rutting females will move in that same direction.

Some just under forty pounders were caught. The next few days I manage catching one or two but no really bigger ones.

On day four of my stay just after dark I get an extremely strong bite at the far right rod aimed at a six meter deep embankment. The line sweeps off the reel making me think having to do with a catfish. With a strongly bent Chub Outkast-rod in my hand I navigate my boat in the desired direction. The fish meanwhile is a good twenty meters away from the hotspot. Contrary to my first assumption it’s not a nuisance bycatch. Unexpectedly this carp surrenders quite soon and I enclose it rapidly with the net mazes’ contours. Hauling it in the boat it‘s evident that this beast defies all imagination. I’m speechless as this monster weighs an astounding 79 pounds or continental 36.6 kilograms.

Not only exceeds this catch my personal best ever but it’s the new record catch for this lake too. This is a dream come true. This achievement fulfils all aspirations I might have dreamed of.

I was over the moon and emotions overwhelmed me. Being sponsored by different fishing tackle companies this is a fact that highlights their quality products and a payback to them.



The next few days I hook fewer and fewer smaller carps, the number of bites are drastically reduced. It seems that they moved all to newer spawning grounds. My thirteen day trip comes to an end, it is time to return home and reminisce with pride this memorable feat.


Written by Michael Au Bry