Autumn Carp Product Tips

Autumn Carp Product Tips

We have made a selection of carp products that will make carp fishing easier in Autumn.

Hammer Tackle bags

The Hammer tackle bags are an absolute must when you want to keep your tackle and items safe in this rainy season. These watertight bags will keep dry what’s in it. For short sessions or longer stays the perfect storage bag solution.

starting from €12.90



Pro line carp boat Lightweight Series

Pro line carp products has brought out these extremely stable and lightweight inflatable carp boats with build in airdeck. They are easy to carry because of the low weight. These boats are used by many carp anglers for a reason. The price and quality make them a good choice for your carp adventures.

You can choose from 160, 180, 210 and 240 cm, starting from €400.00

Carpcrossing Coffee/Tea mug

Keeping yourself warm with a cup of tea or coffee in these colder periods is a must. Get yourself the Carpcrossing mug.



CH2 Shelf life boilies cold water bait

Not all boilies are good to use under colder conditions. The CH2 will bring you fish in the colder periods. A special combination of spicy and fruity flavours and balanced protein-carbohydrates, without fish meal. The easily dissolving ingredients allow you to use this boilie even in cold water.