Carp fishing in South Africa with Wave Fishing Products

I have had the priviledge of being part of the Carp Max baits team for the past couple of months and although my time on the bank has been somewhat limited I have managed to squeeze in a couple of decent sessions.

South Africa has never seen this particular bait brand before making it a very exciting venture for me. I was eager to get cracking on testing the baits and seieng what they could produce.  South Africa’s postal service isn’t great so I had to wait a little longer for the two packages to arrive, however once they were here it was time to get to work.

I set out to target three venues which I know have been targeted quite extensively with boilies and pop-ups namely ; Rietvlei Dam, Carp Haven and Donaldson bottom lake.

Donalson Dam unfortunately got the better of me and I ended up blanking on that session this was however during a competition and 70% of the field didn’t catch anything. I therefore don’t see this as a true reflection of what the baits can do at this dam, I will definitely be back to test again


Rietvlei dam is notorious for being a difficult  venue and one that I have fished for quite some time.  Needless to say the baits stood up to the test and I managed to land roughly ten fish over two sessions, all between 20 and 30lbs. (see pictures attached) I was exstatic and could not wait to give the team the great news. I have been fishing the CH2 and First Place Boilies. I have had the most success on a Snowman presentation.

Carp Haven saw me catch a beautiful 32.5lb common, my biggest to date on the baits. I had numerous other runs during that opvernight session but unfortunately lost them. I can definitely say that I am confident to fish these baits and confidence is key.

Carp Max have really stepped up to the plate, they offer the boilie range in a few different sizes, as well as pop ups (dumbell and round in various sizes) and then to top if off you have glugs and pastes to give your hook baits that extra edge. They even have wafters in each range…what more could you ask for!

The first place boilie is a fish meal based boilie with a distinct touch of spicy squid and then rounded off with a hint of exotic fruits. The combination is epic to say the least. The 20mm boilie has been my go to of late and I ther top it off with either a CH2 10mm dumbell or one of the first place dubmells or round 15mm popups. The pop ups come in a high viz pink and orange. The CH2 boilie is a birdfood and milk protein based boilie with loads of fruity flavours and a hint of spice. These have produced in both the 20mm and 24mm sizes.

I will be fishing the baits in Italy in October at Parco Del Brenta, where I hope to land a few carp in excess of 60lb on these awesome boilies.  

I have two other competitions coming up here in South Africa and hope to do the baits proud once again.



Sean Tucker