Martin SB – Monster Crab & Aminol – Irresistible!

Martin SB – Monster Crab & Aminol

We all know that Martin SB has been producing innovative products for more than 25 years. And that’s exactly the reason why we regularly highlight our classics, we obviously should not forget those. Monster Crab is one of the Martin Sb classics and today we will take a further look at this magnificent product. 

The Classic Range Monster Crab boilie is very special because this product has a certain attraction that most carp can’t resist. Many anglers who are familiar with Martin SB products will confirm this. Who would’ve ever expected that this product could be improved? With the arrival of Monster Crab & Aminol, Martin SB succeeded in this mission. This boilie is very special because of the addition of Aminol. 

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In the meantime, summer is in full swing which means that this is the perfect moment for using the Monster Crab & Aminol boilie because of the rising (water)temperatures! Monster Crab & Aminol contains several types of fish meal and fish oil. These additives in combination with a perfect nutritional value ensures a great attraction to carp.  

The Monster Crab & Aminol Range is very extensive. It contains products like pop-ups, Super Smog (baitbooster) and dips. The boilies are also available in different diameters which makes it a very complete range. Martin SB dares to claim that they use the very best Monster Crab flavour which is available on the market. The pop-ups are packed in a 50 grams package. This package contains 50% of fluor pop-ups and 50% foodbased pop-ups. The foodbased pop-ups are full of water-soluble ingredients which means that they have an extremely high attraction! Because of this combination, you have always the right bait for every possible circumstance.  

The addition of Aminol plays a very important part in the attractiveness of Monster Crab & Aminol boilies. Based on my own experience I can say that Monster Crab & Aminol perform well on very heavilly fished waters like pay lakes etc.   

Cyriel Ramlakhan – Team member Martin SB


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