Urban Carp Fishing

Urban carp fishing, not your normal days of fishing. As a carp angler we all love peace and quietness on the bank but why is urban fishing getting more and more popular? Here’s my story.

As a born big city boy I am used to all the noise and hectic of a big city, so why not fish here. Yes, it is noisy, so you don’t go there when you want to go for a peaceful day at the bank, but it has its charm. The smell of cars the people walking around, the urban surroundings at the background.

You hear sirens of an ambulance or police car, yes not your normal days at the bank. But I love it. Not a single day is the same in the city. There’s always a lot to see and you meet new people every day. When people see you catch fish in the city environment, you’ll see the craziest faces and get the craziest reactions and that’s one of those things I like about urban fishing. The city I live in has lots of canals, with really nice hotspots for carp, bridges, docks and boats! So plenty of good spots for fish to hide and nice spots to do some instant sessions.

I like to go out with compact and minimal gear to be able to move fast around in this urban environment. I choose the spots just by looking for signs of fish. When there are no signs, I simply will choose a spot where I think the fish will hold. Like a bridge or a house boat, they give the carp good protection and have lots of mussel and snails and other things growing on them so perfect for them. Or I will pick a spot the fish need to pass.

The fish here, move in small groups and are not very pressured by anglers and not that spooky because they are used to the sounds and vibrations of the streets. They will take good quality bait easy.


Most of the time I do instant sessions just by simply throwing in one hand full of bait and a good reliable rig at a spot where I think fish will hold and give it a 2-hour chance, no bites within the 2-hours I move on to the next spot.

If I do get a bite, I stay a bit longer and put in some extra bait. Not a lot, but just enough to get that extra bite. I also leave some bait when I go home, so I can give it another try the next day.

I learned over the years that I have been fishing here that the fish don’t stay long at one spot a couple days sometimes even just hours and they start moving again. like everything is moving in the city the fish are to! So, if you live in a big city or near a city, go out there! Forget about de noise and hectic daily traffic and give it a try!!! Get out there for those urban bangers!!!


Scotty Werkhoven aka Beardedangler