Sonik works constantly on the development and improvement of carp gear, and they are on top of their game. In this review, we will take a closer look at the quality of the Sonik Tournos series of reels, more specifically the Tournos 8000 model.

After several sessions and different scenarios I can say that we are facing a reel that behaves very well in very different situations; Thin, light, stylized and with great sensitivity in the regulation of the clutch, which speeds up the transitions during the fight with the fish and guarantees fast and precise movements.

In my case, I always look for a balance as perfect as possible between rod and reel, something for me indispensable in long sessions demanding hard work of my gear, since if there was an imbalance in this equation, it would affect the quality of our sets and would add an effort extra to our arms, so I decided to combine them with a DominatorX 12 ‘3.25lb rods and the result has been unbeatable; balance and lightness.

If we delve into the more technical details, we can refer to one of its strongest points, since it has 8 + 1 armored and stainless bearings and totals only 659 grams of weight, which makes it robust and at the same time very light. To this we add a main shaft of stainless steel and a body / rotor composed of high strength carbon, which makes this medium size reel a perfect ally for our sessions.

In short, a reel designed for those who seek high quality and lightness, but with the ability to behave like any of his heavier brothers in more demanding conditions.

Esteban García