United States Carp Angler

Here in northeastern part of the United States we have a very distinguishable 4 season. Carp can be caught all year long even in the toughest of winter conditions. There are a few anglers who even target them through the ice. I prefer the open water, where even in the coldest of days you can get fish in the warm water discharges.

John McGreevy with a USA mirror carp

Even though it’s possible to catch fish in the winter months, there’s no feeling like getting fish in the spring! Nothing compares to that first warmth of sun on your skin and seeing nature come back to life again. It’s like the world is born over. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, frogs peeping, squirrels scurrying up trees, and most of all, the carp are waking up from that dormant state and putting the feed bag on!! The fish I’m targeting are all wild carp, both mirrors and commons.

America has some beautiful mirror carp

Carp were first introduced in the states in the late 1800s as a viable food source. They have sustained themselves and most places have flourished. They haven’t been stocked on a regular basis since then. Carp has mostly remained a nuisance fish and has only gained respect as a great game species by a smaller group of individuals here. With every year that passes more anglers are beginning to see just how incredible these fish can be to catch. I myself have the addiction, it’s a lifestyle for me.

Being an angler for over 30 years the last 6 years I have been targeting carp, my only regret is I didn’t open my eyes to this great fish sooner. I keep most of my fishing very simple since these fish aren’t pressured as much. Simpler rigs, simple baiting tactics. Sweet corn, maize, boilies, pop ups and fake corn. Hard to get away from the maize and fake corn. It’s very cheap and effective.

Fully scaled mirror carp!

As the thaw is among us, we gather up our gear, re spool, check our rigs and get ready for a wonderful season of catch and release carp fishing

John McGreevy, USA based American carp angler


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