My Balanced Blowback Rig by Bart Hartl

Pretty often I get the question: “What is the best rig?”

My answer: “That’s an easy one… It doesn’t exist.”

You can’t just use one rig for each situation. Ok, you can always use a simple, solid and good working standard rig but are you really fishing on your best? Is that the most effective way you can fish on that particular moment? The rig I’m about to explain step by step isn’t the most simple one but I’m sure everybody will be able to make it with the right materials and the pictures shown here under.

Personally, I like to use it fishing boilies on an obstacle free water. Because of the fact that the materials are ultra light, supple and super sharp, you will even hook fish that know they are fished for. The length will vary between 20cm and 35cm. If I’m fishing hard bottoms I make it shorter. When fishing muddy bottoms it will be 35cm or even longer when the silt is really thick. The only thing that doesn’t change, is using a wafter, weightless snowman or a lightweight hookbait. Just a little snif and everything must disappear into the carps mouth!
How to make it?

Here we go…

Step 1:


Tie a simple loop. It will become the end of your hair.

Step 2:



Take your bait and thread it on to your hair.

On the picture I’m using a 15mm groundbait and a 15mm pop-up. I will trim it down until it sinks very slowly to the bottom.

Step 3:



Tie on your hair a rig ring using a simple overhand knot. The distance between the rig ring and the bottom bait I keep plus minus 1cm.

Step 4:


Slip the rig ring over the point of the hook and position it at the level of the barb.

Step 5:


Tie a 6turn no knot and pull tight.

Step 6:



Cut down 1,5cm shrink tube and thread it in the rig line. Make sure that it come out on the side of the hook point and perfectly aligned with the hook point.

Step 7:


Steam the shrinktube line-aliner and giving it a wide bend. Make sure to wet the line with saliva before steaming it. It will protect the line to be damaged by the heat of the stea

Step 8:


Tie a figure 8 loop to the end of the rig making it the right length.

Step 9:


Put on an anti-tangle sleeve and put on some putty for the finishing touch.

Done… simple as that!


These are my preferred materials…. very reliable stuff for the conditions I mentioned a bit earlier.


Good Luck catching your dream!

Bart Hartl