Ed Skillz


Being surrounded by nature and fishing for carp makes me happy and has become a part of my life. It’s a never ending journey in search of carp that makes our life an adventure on it’s own. The traveling while chasing the unknown, the always changing nature throughout the seasons makes me feel alive.
Together with my wife Lara, I run the biggest online carp magazine Carpcrossing. I started Carpcrossing because I wanted to show people my way of life and fishing. Over the years we have grown out to a team of 60 carp anglers world wide sharing their passion for carp with the world over the Carpcrossing network. Out of Carpcrossing we decided to build another company; Carpcrossing lakes.
This is our carp fishing holiday agency. We have a carefuly selected group of the most beautiful and honest lakes you can find in France and Hungary. Our passion for carp angling become more and more our life and our living. We realised that not every angler can live the life we live and do wild and undiscovered carp trips in Europe. And for this group of anglers that would like to have a taste of adventure but want safety as well and assurance that there is carp in the lake the are fishing, we came up with this holiday solution.
Besides carp being a very important part of our daily life, I’m a family man and together with my wife, we take care our dog and our 6 kids. So never let your kids be an excuse for not being able to go out and fish, because you can. My life moto is live every day if it would be your last. Enjoying life is not something you plan to do when you retire. You have to take all out of life you can get everyday for there might not be a tomorrow someday.