Winter Thinking Time


With the water temperature cooling off fast now I tend to look at my approach to my winter fishing tactics. The carp’s body cools with the water temperature making them move around more slowly and becoming less active, albeit winter fishing is a lot more difficult than the warmer months they are still catchable under the right circumstances. Less feed brightly coloured baits and scaled down rigs are some of the key factors I look at through the colder months.

Why? The fish are more likely to feed with smaller windows throughout the day and night hours, and feed with small amounts at a time, if your going to get that bite in the window of opportunity then preferably we would like to think that small hook bait and little PVA mesh bag of pellets will be enough to draw that bite we all want.

Scale it down


1. Choosing a brightly coloured hook-bait is going to help create a visual target for the fish to go towards.


2. Picking out small hook-baits around 10mm-12mm round or Dumbbell make great winter baits.


3. Choose a hook link that works well for you, I use the Avid pin down in a green colour. a very robust hook-link And perfect for most bottom bait rig presentations.


4. Cut off a good 10-12 inches of hooklink, and one end tie a simple over hand knot ideally the knot can sit just inside the bait so the bait doesn’t slide freely upend down when the rig is fishing for you.


5. By using a rig ring you will be able to create good movement between your hook-bait and your hook.


6. Attach your hook-bait to your hook-link along with your bait stop. pull down nice and tight in to position. Then Attach the rig ring with a simple over hand knot, slide the rig ring right down so almost touching the hook bait.


7. Use a reliable and sharp hook. I tend to use a wide gape pattern for this particular setup, it offers great hooking ability in most of my fishing situations.


8. Hook the hook on to the rig ring and position the ring opposite the barb (if a barbless rule in place then position as if you had a barb to measure on) Then attach the hook-link with a standard knotless knot and pull down tight.


9. Cut a small amount of shrink tube to slide down the hook-link and over the eye of the hook to create a slight kicker. Once in position with the shrink tube you can steamed down over the kettle or be placed in boiling water for a couple of seconds then removed from the water and held in position to set.


10. Once the shrink tube is set the rig is ready to be used, cut the remaining length of hook-link to your desired requirement for you’re fishing and attach your preferred way.

I find this type of hooking rig, and hook bait setup a very effective way through the winter months. It also can be used all year round to great effect.

End tackle used :-

  • Avid pin Down hook-link
  • Hybrid Wide gapes armo hawks size 6
  • Korda oval rig rings and shrink-tube
  • Xcel Baits wafters in various colours and flavours

Written by Dale Glover.