Multifunctional Combi Rig

Hi all I would like to share one of my favourite rigs I use in combination with the bungee lead system. The rig is an  combination of several rigs in one and I had good results on the rig with a single boilie/dumbel  , wafter and pop up .

The rig  looks very hard to make but it is easier to make  than you would think with the help of some tools .  The counter bullet lead on the rig makes it so effective  it will always pull your hook in a curve in to the under mouth of the carp . With all 3 bait presentations al carp always where hooked on the same way in the under mouth . Because the rig is an combination of an D-rig and Claw rig  you can use it with boilies/ dumbels , wafters and pop ups . Because of the use of a bait screw it is very easy to change to the preferred bait of choice in only seconds . The line aligner section is made with fluoro carbon so you can curve the line aligner in the position of your choice adjusted to the bait of choice . The rig is made with coated braid and fluoro carbon hook link material and you will need an curve shank hook , swivel , anti-tangle sleeve , bait screw , small bullet lead , putty and an line aligner .


We will start with attaching the fluoro carbon on the curve shank hook with a 3 turn grinner knot.



Now we pull the oval section of the bait screw thru the flouro carbon and we make a D shape behind the hook curve and make a knot less knot.



Now we press the fluoro carbon double on a length of 2 cm from the hook eye . Strip a part of your coated hook link on one side  and make an Albright knot between the fluoro carbon loop section.



Now you cut of the fluoro carbon section and you pull the line aligner thru the coated hooklink section till the Albright knot  . Now take a small splicing needle and push it thru the line aligner and pull thru the braided section sticking out of the Albright knot.



Now we push the line aligner over the hook and you will see the fluoro carbon section fits perfectly in the line aligner and the braided section sticks out of it.


We place the bullet lead on the braided section 3 to 5 mm under the Albright knot and burn the braid till the bullet lead . We add some putty around the bullet lead and the on the section where the stripped part of the coated hook link gets hard . Now we burn the fluoro carbon part of the knot till the knot on the hook and we come in the last phase of the rig.



Now pull the anti-tangle sleeve thru the coated hook link section and cut the end of it of on 15 cm and we attach a swivel with a 4 turn grinner knot and push the anti-tangle sleeve around the swivel again and ad some putty in front of it . The rig is now ready for use.




Like is said the rig can be used for pop ups , boilies , dumbels and wafters  and has provided me with some amazing catches last year . I would say try it out  especially in combination with the bungee lead system and be amazed of its catching power .

Greets Sebastiaan Schuurman